Warm wood scents stand out during the cold season, creating a cozy atmosphere for interior decor such as amber, sandalwood and sandalwood

Spices. Seven Seventeen's Be Still candles evoke hot, warm smells for a cozy fireside feel. The thick

The dark and smoky fragrance combines with the simple container with the extremely simplified brand identity to create a neutral, cross-generation low-key aesthetic feeling.

Lavender is a key fragrance for its calming properties, and interesting new combinations are emerging to update this traditional herbal spice.

Lavender is mixed with fresh spices, such as lime or mint, for a fresher, pleasurable taste, or with amber

A rustic touch. Diptyque's latest candle, L 'elide, combines lavender, bitter orange peel extracts and aromatic plants reminiscent of Gouche

The faunal mythological character Fauna has the spirit
Home perfumery brands bring the scents of beloved fall foods that remind people of home cooking or feel warm

Taste. Now, pumpkin as an essential fall flavor and ingredient has been given new life with dessert flavors like Nan

Melon cake and pumpkin pecan waffles. The trend towards plant-based dairy products permeates candle scents, exemplified by Target

Cinnamon almond milk candle made from soy wax.
In keeping with the trend of bringing outdoor elements indoors, scents are starting to take inspiration from walking in nature. These scents are reminiscent of blackberries,

Rosemary and the feeling of standing on top of a mountain, paired with natural textured containers, create an earthy aesthetic. Paddywax new parks department

Columns showcasing the wonders of America's national parks, such as the Grand Canyon (cactus flowers and ferns) and Yosemite (cottonwood and oak trees), also

It shows the crackling wooden wick.