what is the lavender scent smell ?

Lavender has a very distinct smell. Once you’ve smelled lavender, you will recognize it instantly. Overall, it has a floral scent, but one that is light and fresh, without being too pungent or overwhelming. It can also have a sweetness to it with herbal, balsamic undertones and notes. Generally speaking, lavender is a milder scent that many find pleasant. However, it can also be camphorous or lend a subtle scent of pine. 
Because lavender smells so lovely and offers a stress-reducing scent, it is used in all sorts of self-care products. From lavender-scented candles to lavender-infused Epsom salts you sprinkle in bathwater, lavender is one of the most common scents you will find. You can even find a sprig of fresh lavender on hotel pillows made to lull guests to sleep. 
If you love the scent of lavender, candles can carry the scent quite nicely.