Origin of essential oil

Aromatherapy beauty is an ancient treatment. From ancient times, Cleopatra covered her bedroom with roses

Historically, "aromatherapy" focuses on form and smell. The material used is the plant itself. "Aromatherapy beauty" uses the essential oil extracted from the plant, and increases the efficacy of beautifying the body and skin, treating heart diseases and strengthening the body. Among them, harano aromatherapy is the highest level of aromatherapy. It is attached with the six senses therapy of listening, touching, smelling, seeing, taste and feeling, so that you can listen to the aromatherapy beauty music as soft and melodious as the sound of nature. Under the soft aromatherapy light and in the elegant and refreshing wilderness aromatic environment, you can receive the massage care of professional beauticians, and finally make your face bright and moving, The skin of the whole body is delicate and firm, making you intoxicated, enjoying the nourishment of the field, and releasing physical and mental fatigue and pressure